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About Us

AdVision is a consortium of international business executives. Between us, we have 5 different nationalities. We all have extensive experience in multi-cultural business dealings:
from strategy to action.

About AdVision Consulting

Our mission is to turn our knowledge into outstanding value for small and medium-size companies wishing to do business with markets and cultures other than their own.

Is your European head office based, letís say, in the UK? Are 70% of your staff in this office British?
In that case, you may be leaving a massive opportunity on the table in terms of international sales and marketing.

Why? Communication between people with the same cultural background and mother tongue is
so much more efficient! Adapting to other cultures and speaking their language is the key to the commercial success of any international business. It closes the gaps.

With our European and global know-how we can make your world so much smaller. AdVision can help you build cross-border strategies, communicate your vision effectively and get more out of your staff and customers through innovative solutions. While taking cultural differences into account.

Based on input from those that matter to your vision, AdVision can help you to develop and implement strategy for:

Let us prove the value of international know-how to you.

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