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noun (the use of) a new idea or method

Innovation Services

"Open Minds" and "IT" ... Does this combination make you laugh?

AdVisionís IT vision gives support to a dynamic strategy. Thatís why we call it Innovation: it completes the full lifecycle of your business.

GDS (Global Distribution Systems)
Specific to the travel industry, this more conventional channel will remain key to any company providing travel-related services. Are you looking at entering the world of global travel? Are you
not sure if your current approach is the right one? Are you trying to extend your current GDS strategy
to an Internet environment?

The AdVision team has extensive expertise in this complicated area. From Sales and Marketing vision to IT innovation: we can successfully put your brand and product before the eyes of travel agents, airline sales offices and consumers worldwide.

We do not have to tell you how the Internet is taking off across Europe. Is your company up to speed? Are you aware of the cost savings that it brings? Is your brand properly represented on your web site? Do you need an outward and independent look at things?

AdVision can develop, implement or just evaluate an Internet vision, from front- to back-end, for you. We have the know-how to ensure your brand is out there, while fully automating sales and marketing processes through this channel. And we can do this for a single market or across Europe.

Innovative products and services win the hearts of customers ... As long as you can deliver them!
Itís all about the customer experience: get them, satisfy them, retain them and turn them into repeat customers. Do you do it well? Do you have the systems that let you know?

Let us help you to develop IT solutions to make sure you keep your customers once you have them. You will be way ahead of your competitors when you achieve that.

MDW (Marketing Data Warehousing)
MDW is not just an IT system Ö It is a way of doing business. Is it your way of doing business?
Is it top of your list?

AdVision strongly believes in customised and unique contact with each customer. So once you tell us what you want to achieve, we can build the mechanism to communicate to your customer in a way
he or she will respond to Ö By buying your products again and again.

Success measurement
Marketeers often say "this campaign was a big success". Have you ever asked how they quantified "big success" in actual return on investment? Have you only received vague answers?

How can you evaluate an investment without the proper measurement tools in place? Many companies forget this and will never know how successful they are in certain parts of their businessí lifecycle ... Or weak in others.

Success measurement brings out the doís and doníts for your company and AdVision can develop and automate this for you. So that you can spend more time perfecting the doís.

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