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verb to make goods available to buyers in a planned way which encourages people to buy more of them, for example by advertising

Marketing Services

A recent study among senior marketing executives has shown that many CEO’s are financially
and production focused, not marketing. (Source: The Marketing Council)

However, great products do not sell unless people know about them. As the study confirmed, many companies invest heavily in developing new products but forget to tell their customers! Marketing contributes to return on production investment and is a must for any company ... On whatever scale.

Marketing Vision
Whether your company needs a road map to tackle multiple markets or a specific segment AdVision can help you. Our multi-cultural team will create a vision by evaluating your current brand position against your competitors and market needs. With that, we will suggest a way forward for your brand, products and customer segmentation. Europe-wide, just for a single market or a segment.
To find out more click here.

Many companies develop products with an inward look without ever testing them outside. That is an investment often wasted.

Spending time on researching the marketplace and customer needs is the basis for a successful product. AdVision can do this for you in the market or country that you are targeting ... And mostly
in the local language! And we will not forget to test the product and adapt it where needed to maximise launch and longer-term success.

We can also help you develop sales tools, advise on packaging and translate product software / documentation.

Marketing Communication
External and internal communication are so often forgotten as part of a marketing vision. At AdVision, we think that’s unfortunate. Find out what we can do for you by clicking here.

Marketing Partnerships
Rather than going alone you could link your brand to a stronger one and raise the profile of your brand immediately. And, this then gives you an additional channel to distribute your products.

In our experience this method is highly effective from resource and cost perspectives. If you need
to get efficient access to that market segment vital to your bottom line AdVision can help. We have
a wealth of knowledge based on our experience with some of the most well known brands worldwide.

Having your customers experience your product starts with getting them to buy it through their preferred distribution channels.

Global distribution is a key expertise of AdVision. For more information please click here.

Success measurement
Marketeers often say "this campaign was a big success". Have you ever asked how they quantified “big success” in actual return on investment? Have you only received vague answers?

How can you evaluate an investment without the proper measurement tools in place? Many companies forget this and will never know how successful they are in certain parts of their business’ lifecycle ... Or weak in others.

Success measurement brings out the do’s and don’ts for your company and AdVision can develop and automate this for you. So that you can spend more time perfecting the do’s.

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