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noun the process of making or growing goods to be sold

Product Services

In many companies, marketing departments have lost sight of the customer. (Source: The Marketing Council)

Sadly, in many companies it is the same marketing department that develops and launches new products. If they have lost sight of the customer, it is time to get an objective and independent view.

Product Development
Many companies develop products with an inward look without ever testing them outside. That is
an investment often wasted.

Spending time on researching the marketplace and customer needs is the basis for a successful product. AdVision can do this for you in the market or country that you are targeting ... And mostly
in the local language! And we will not forget to test the product and adapt it where needed to maximise launch and longer-term success.

We can also help you develop sales tools, advise on packaging and translate product software/documentation.

Innovative products and services win the hearts of customers Ö As long as you can deliver them!
Itís all about the customer experience: get them, satisfy them, retain them and turn them into repeat customers. Do you do it well? Do you have the systems that let you know?

Let us help you to develop IT solutions to make sure you keep your customers once you have them. You will be way ahead of your competitors when you achieve that.

Product Education
Surely you agree that your staff and customers need to understand how they can sell or use your product. It is just a matter of how you approach it.

AdVisionís philosophy is to educate audiences in a fun and interactive way, in their mother tongue.
Of course a role-play is easier in oneís own language Ö Let alone reading a manual!

Understanding cultural differences is crucial when educating customers and staff. Did you know
that e-learning is more effective in France than in Italy? So, why not use one method in one market and another in a different one?

We understand the differences so you can trust us with education, whatever the product or services.

Product Communication
External and internal communication are so often forgotten as part of a marketing vision. At AdVision, we think thatís unfortunate. Find out what we can do for you by clicking here.

Product Distribution
Having your customers experience your product starts with getting them to buy it through their preferred distribution channels.

Global distribution is a key expertise of AdVision. For more information please click here.

Product Marketing
To ensure that you maximise return on your investment, marketing is key. AdVision can help
in many ways. For more information please click here.

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