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noun a detailed study of a subject, especially in order to discover (new) information or reach a (new) understanding

Research Services

How often do you have an objective and structured look at what your company stands for?
And if you did, what have you done with it?

AdVision can help you by taking that objective look at things and recommend a plan of actions.
Across multiple markets or just in one office.


Vision ... From the inside
Are your strategic company objectives in line with your sales & marketing ones? Do you have
the processes, products, resources and training in place to support it all? Is the way you communicate with your staff working … In all markets?

AdVision’s multi-cultural team can research and recommend how you handle your strategy internally and talk to your people in a relaxed way … Because we literally speak their language. You will receive more honest feedback than you have ever had before, because your staff will feel that you are truly involving them. You would not talk to your customers in a language strange to them ... Make your team feel valued in the same way. If you would like to know more about this click here.

Soft Skill Research
Sales figures are supposed to indicate the success of sales staff. Do they?

A lack of success in sales is often a lack of skill management. You select your people because
you believe in them … They might need a little push to get them lined up perfectly with your sales objectives.

The Jaws audit process can objectively measure the skills of your team and recommend a targeted training programme. And we can do so for many languages and cultures.


Brand Research
Across Europe, are your customers truly seeing you as you envisage?

It’s difficult to tell how others perceive you … That is why you should take an objective look
with the help of people who know what matters in which culture. And, we can address your existing and potential customers in their local language.

Product Research
Whether you are looking to fill a gap in the market or to adapt an existing product, it makes sense
to research what customers need.

It is possible that your company has developed products and services without thoroughly researching requirements and product positioning. In that case, it is likely that you developed them with an inward look rather than an objective one.

Many companies make the mistake of developing products and services because "others" do.
Why not go further and become a trendsetter?

You need objective research and advice. Talk to us about what AdVision can do for you in selected markets.

Having your customers experience your product starts with getting them to buy it through their preferred distribution channels.

AdVision can investigate all channels for you and recommend the most effective ones for your vision and products / services.

Do you deal with customers in different markets? This is no issue at all for AdVision: we have invaluable experience with global distribution. For more information click here.

Defining Sales Priorities
To assure your sales people’s time is time well spent, AdVision can research and recommend
which customers should be your priority in Europe and how to best approach them.

We look at product requirements, geographic and strategic fit, potential revenue and other elements that you think are crucial. This will allow you to focus on retention of existing customers and winning new business.

Targeted Marketing Partners
Rather than going alone you could link your brand to a stronger one and raise the profile of your brand immediately. And, this then gives you an additional channel to distribute your products.

AdVision can research the perfect fit for you. Besides brand fit, we explore product fit, geographic fit, strategic fit, potential and other elements that you think are important. All based on what you are trying to achieve in Europe.

And we can also develop the partnership for you. In our experience this method is highly effective
from resource and cost perspectives. If you need to get efficient access to that market segment vital
to your bottom line AdVision can help. We have a wealth of knowledge based on our experience
with some of the most well known brands worldwide.

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