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group noun the department of a company that organizes and does the selling of the company's products or services

Sales Services

Sales is a fundamental element of you business ... We do not have to tell you that. And it can be successful only with a clear vision. What is your vision? Are you sure it is the correct one? Do you involve your staff through communication and training? How? Having a vision is one thing; getting it
to work for everybody another!

Sales Vision ... Multiple views
We can give you an objective assessment of your sales strategy: from alignment with strategic company objectives to customer prioritisation.

AdVisionís multi-cultural team can research and recommend how you handle your strategy internally and talk to your people in a relaxed way Ö Because we literally speak their language. You will receive more honest feedback than you have ever had before, because your staff will feel that you are truly involving them. You would not talk to your customers in a language strange to them ... Make your team feel valued in the same way. If you would like to know more about this click here.

Account Strategy
If you are about to answer a RFP (Request For Proposal) or pro-actively pitch for new business,
an objective and fresh look is key to success. AdVision can help you to both keep existing business and identify and approach new customers.

AdVision has extensive experience in negotiating with many different nationalities, taking cultural influences into account. We can work with you and even do the pitch for you!

Once successful, we can steer your staff on efficient account management.

Soft Skill Development
To assure your sales targets are reached, soft skill development is often crucial.

AdVision offers a vast range of sales skill trainings, from negotiation to leadership. To optimise success, we can audit your staff before preparing a tailor-made programme. And we can do so
for many languages and cultures. For more information please click here.

Cross-border sales
When your customers and products are crossing borders, the complexity of sales is immense. Thanks to company politics and local focus, sales staff may be lacking confidence in selling beyond their national market.

AdVision can help to increase that confidence by developing product education programmes adapted to cultural differences and communication methods ... In the local languages of your staff
and customers. For more information please click here.

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