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noun the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity

Training Services

Teaching your staff how to sell your products and services in an effective way is often seen as
"nice to have". You employed them for their sales skills and as such it should be easy to sell new products. Or so you think. No training often results in individual fact-finding and inconsistent sales delivery. A little investment in training can have dramatic results for your bottom-line.

Products and Services
Surely you agree that your staff and customers need to understand how they can sell or use your product. It is just a matter of how you approach it.

AdVisionís philosophy is to educate audiences in a fun and interactive way, in their local language.
Of course a role-play is easier in oneís own language ... Let alone reading the manual!

Understanding cultural differences is crucial when educating customers and staff. Did you know that e-learning is more effective in France than in Italy? So, why not use one method in one market and another in a different one?

We understand the differences so you can trust us with education, whatever the product or services. Knowledge is key to increased confidence in selling ... Let us prove that to you!

Soft skills
To assure your sales targets are reached, soft skill development is often crucial.

AdVision offers the Jaws ("Just Another Way of... Selling") programmes; a vast range of sales skill training:

The techniques are proven, tried and tested, no fancy fads or concepts.

To optimise success, we can audit your staff before preparing a tailor-made programme. And we
can do so for many languages and cultures.

We also can help develop standards of performance enabling your company to control and monitor all professional services offered to clients, providing more accurate sales forecasting and improved win rates.

Training is not a luxury; it is a necessity for survival in the changing environment we now live in.
With a little help to improve knowledge and skills, the full potential of your team can be reached.

Jaws is a registered trademark of London Management Consultants.

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