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noun the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. could develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way

Vision Services

Vision ... Yours
We all have a vision of where our business needs to go. However, there are so many of us and our visions are often shaped by our personal experiences and points of view. And the resulting lack of coherence might lead to the road to failure.

Do you align your vision with that of people around you? Are staff actively involved in shaping it?
What is your plan to make it work? How do you communicate and make it work for all, including for those outside your office building or country? It might be your vision, but ownership of it by others is fundamental to make it a success.

AdVision can help you build or re-direct your vision from assessment to implementation, while consistently involving the people that matter to you. Wherever they are.

Vision Assessment
An objective look at current or potential strategy will help you clear your mind. Taking many "outside" factors into consideration might seem time consuming, but will pay off in the long term. Talking to employees and customers will open a world to you, especially if AdVision talks to them in their own language. They will feel valued that you are making the effort and will reward you with their input.

Let AdVision have that objective look into your companyís:

  • Objectives (company strategy versus sales & marketing)

  • Skills, knowledge and training

  • Sales tools

  • Success measurement

  • Products / services

  • Staff needs and loyalty

  • Barriers to achieve company objectives

  • Marketing approach

  • Training approach

  • Communication methods

  • Marketplace and competitors

  • Customer base (existing/potential)

  • Customer needs

All the elements listed above will contribute to an in-depth assessment of the road you are on versus the road you should consider taking. We might find out they are the same! If not, we can recommend how to get on that road to success.

Vision Development
Once the road is laid out it needs to be paved. Involvement from staff and customers is absolutely crucial, since without their buy-in your vision will not go a long way.

Based on input from those that matter to your vision, AdVision can help you to develop and implement a strategy with the following elements:

Vision Implementation
Now that the new road is ready you want people to drive on it. We will steer your staff to implement the elements of the vision along the way. Since they have been involved from the beginning, they will see that their vision (your vision will have become theirs by now!) is coming to fruition.

We see AdVisionís role at this stage as a final one. We will help steer all people, at all levels, in all markets for an agreed time.

Since we have been part of the entire cycle we will know your business and people inside out by now: easy for you to stop at that AdVision service station if you need a quick top up!

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